Ticket Management Website

Clancy7.com is our brand new extensive back-office solution. We began utilizing smartphones for ticket issuance back in 2006. We quickly realized that we needed to host the data in-house and provide each client with a portal to access our software. Remote Desktop was the perfect solution for providing a stepping-stone to an all website back-office solution.

Real-time data access from anywhere in the world is no longer a luxury... it is a requirement. Clancy Systems seamlessly integrates all aspects of the entire system into a complete real-time package. Here are some of the state-of-the-art features that keep us ahead of the competition:

  1. Field unit citation information is uploaded live as the citation is printing.
  2. Custom login levels ensure secure access to data based on usernames.
  3. Posting batch is username driven - logoff on one computer then login on another and see only your work.
  4. Full size high-quality pictures can be printed, saved, or emailed. You will always be sure that the citation is 100% valid then show, print, or email the picture to the violator.
  5. Post Payments, Void, Hearings, etc.
  6. Run numerous reports real-time.
  7. See where your people are and where they have been using our Pinpoint GPS tracking option. This option is built into the Android app.
  8. Run numerous reports real-time.
  9. Manually enter paper citations.
  10. Issue and track permits.
  11. Generate letters.
  12. And much, much more! Contact us and we'll be happy to demonstrate the system.

Hardware and Software Overview