Wireless Printer

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Clancy Systems latest printer provides wireless connectivity to the handheld using both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Unlike other wireless printers, our printer uses flat-feed stock that does not curl the paper like roll-stock printers. We manufacture our printers in-house, which gives us complete control of their functionality. Everything from the engineering of the electronics to the injection molded plastic housing has been designed and produced by Clancy Systems. Consistency across new revisions has allowed us to upgrade clients without having to require things like new ticket stock. Our latest printers are our seventh generation and they incorporate all the design elements and our experience from each previous version. This generation is extremely durable and extensively field-tested.

Here are some of the features that are integrated to provide a superior citation printer:

  1. Thermal print head and thermal paper - no ink to change ever.
  2. 7 inches by 3 inches flat-feed paper stock that does not curl.
  3. The ability to print pictures of the vehicle in violation.
  4. Paper stock is designed to fit perfectly into the provided mailing envelope.
  5. Very fast printing speed.
  6. Extended battery life - up to 400 citations per charge.
  7. Extremely lightweight - just 1lb 6oz.
  8. Charges using wall adapter or car adapter - no bulky base station.
  9. Shoulder strap or belt loop configuration.

Our printer is easily Bluetooth paired or Wi-Fi linked to Android based devices. Please contact us with any questions.

Hardware and Software Overview