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The advantage of Clancy Systems hosting your data in our data center is that we can provide superior customer support. Our legacy software and hardware solutions required the data to be stored at the client's facility. This would complicate support because of firewall and access policies. Hosting the data at Clancy allows a complete start to finish implementation without the need to involve your IT department.

Prospective clients can contact us and we will provide a live demonstration of both our smartphone app and the back office software. If you have an Android device on site, we can walk you through downloading our sample application from the Google Play Store. Because the system is completely cloud based, a complete demonstration of every aspect of our software is easily performed. Here are some of the things that we will cover when performing a phone call demonstration:

  1. Downloading the sample application to see for yourself how it works.
  2. We will write live citations on a demo unit in our office and take pictures of whole process.
  3. You will see how the printer functions and how the citations print out.
  4. Photos taken during the citation issuance are printed on the tickets themselves.
  5. Provide you with a clientid, username, and password to our website.
  6. Demonstrate some key functionality of the website and provide detail when requested.
  7. Discuss integration with existing software solutions such as Banner, Court Systems, etc.
  8. Provide you with affordable pricing plans to meet the specific needs of your operation.

We have been developing parking related solutions for over 25 years. Not all of our solutions are advertised on our website. Please give us a call and let use know what you are looking for.